Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heaven Light!

Special light from sky that I cant c it in Malaysia.

Holiday holiday holiday!!

Been about 2 weeks of holiday. Play 80% study 20%. hahaha. Not sure even reaches 20% or not. Hmmm, it is a pretty good holiday. First week of holiday, Stay over friend's house to cook dinner + drink + play game. I cook leh, my 4th time cooking Gu Lao Rou. It is not as nice, BUT still can eat. Hahaha. Less talk more pictures!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Australia's got TALENT!!!

Good experience today!!!Went to Australia's got talent!!.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4am in Uni

Now is 4.20am in the morning. Me and Roger ( my coarsemate) still sitting inside 1 of the engineering room in my Uni. Many ppl will be questioning, wat can dis 2 "ma lat lou" do inside a engineering room at 4am. haha. I can answer you this question. We both not gay of cuz, He got Gf. I got someone I like, "S". We both actually "tek han mao shi zhuo" so come uni until this time. We on9, we study, we play game. Just like our home. Its very comfortable. No stress at all. Normally Uni = Stress. 2nite, feel quite relax..mayb im quite happy. at the same time feel confused too. But 1 thing I am very sure, I am not emo. Hehehe. Going to breakfast soon. Bye bye! Good morning to all, and have a great day later.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

North Bridge + Clubbing

Perth known as a very boring place for everyone. One of my new friend, he told me, Got money got night life. He brought us out to see all the happening place in Perth. And I went to the club for FREE bcuz we "ter"joined chinese society club.
The Horse Police..N i found out 1 thing about them, they actually follow the traffic light..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

1 night in Perth part 2

I was home, took out my book, plan to study abit. Too bad, my friends asked me out for 2nd round! Wahahaha! On gi again! Here come my 2nd interesting night!The 3 liang mois!Ui Kar Lin!!!Y u so kelefe at the back o?


Hmmm. I just watched the most expensive movie in my life last night. haha. luckilly earned a lil bit of money, if not sure cant afford dat. But to me this is my first time watching 3d, first really not used to it, at last feel it it is normal.
Dinner before movie
1 thing I'm very sure. Asian food in Perth is just "yuckssss" + expensive!
Here comes the 3 tickets price for us!Random guy asked me take photo of him..!
The sweet couple!haha.